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G1R Warcraft

Short Summary:
G1R WarCraft is a PVP Post Apocalyptic server with features to make survival extremely difficult. The year is set in 2213 after the world has been ravaged by disasters for 150+ years. The server map is 10000 blocks in diameter which is plenty of space for all your resource gathering needs. The terrain of the map is full of large destroyed cities surrounded by forests and large mountains. There are plenty of mine shafts throughout the map to make mining easier. On the server mobs drops custom loot which you would normally earn by mining because you cannot break stone by conventional ways (which is explained in the server lore).

Server Trailer:

Monsters: Yes
PVP: Of Course
White-list: Nope
Server Site:
(Config files etc found on website under mods page)
Server Ip: G1RWarCraft.PlayAt.CH

You can find rules on the server website along with the punishments for most of the rules if broken.

A list of mods can also be found on the server website with a download to all of them.






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